9 Fashion Fails

  1. Leisure suits   - Anything velour or with writing on the butt. God forbid, it has both.
  2. Females (over 6 years old) in cut off jeans, baby tees with sneakers AND socks. Seriously, where are you going? Back in time?
  3. Hair rollers in public - I saw this a lot in the South but never thought I would see it in NJ.  I was mistaken.
  4. Polyester jumpsuits with silver chain belt around the hips.
  5. Man midriffs or man cleavage (Looking at you Simon Cowell) 
  6. A group of men dressed alike. For example skinny jeans, plaid shirts, vests, bow ties and converse. Really?  Are you a boy band or is it a theme party aimed at weeding out individuality?
  7. Black hair dye to create a hairline.  Seriously, who exactly is buying this? Anyone?
  8. Chest hair as an accessory
  9. Over the knee socks that are too tight and separate fat ( like a muffin top for the thighs.) I wonder what that would be called?
Posted on December 10, 2013 .