My 18 Rules of Fashion Week

I was very excited to attend my first fashion week and I am happy to report I was not disappointed.  I learned a number of things over the eight days and I thought it would be fun to share them in the form of rules.

  1. Nothing starts on time, so, if you are a fifteen minutes late, there is a 98.6% chance you will see the  show. (If I were a serious journalist I would have to have some proof for these numbers.)
  2. If you are going to try to talk your way into a show or a venue - please look the part.  Don't show up looking like you left your Walmart shopping cart outside the door.
  3. Any chance you get outside the "tents" to use the bathroom, take it. Once Lincoln Center gets crowded,  the bathrooms are a pungent death trap.
  4. It is okay to apply deodarant in public, especially when the alternative is smelling like a compost heap.
  5. It is perfectly acceptable to have champagne before noon for eight consecutive days.
  6. Pack mints but if you don't and  someone offers you  one, graciously accept; they may be trying to tell you something.
  7. Spokesmodels are at events to promote various brands but they don't have to give you squat.  Please don't act like you are entitled to something simply because you think it's free.  (I saw a lady reach into one of the nail polish jars at the Essie manicure counter) #Fail
  8. If someone gives you their business card - please do not call them five minutes after they have walked away.  It's creepy and you look desperate (and did I say creepy and desperate?)
  9. Please do not invite anyone to a "Fashion Week" party where there is a cover charge.  I think only the creepy, desperate types will pay to get into a party billed as being affiliated with fashion week.
  10. If you are going to crash an "official" party - try slipping in the back entrance.
  11. Wear comfortable shoes or at least have a back up pair in your bag. Nobody sees how cute your ensemble is when you are walking like you need to potty.
  12. Please don't take yourself too seriously,  you are not that important. You may have appeared on the “Real Housewives of The Isle of Man” but I could give two tiny bowel movement pebbles.
  13. No matter how famous or important you think someone is, we are all humans, so if you see someone you admire and would love to meet, go for it but not in a  “Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD, I love you soooooo much" way. I think it freaks them out.
  14. Smile or frown for the camera but don't say, "no pictures please" if you didn't want to be seen or photographed  you would not have come to Fashion Week dressed like you belong in someone's side show.
  15. It is highly unlikely that you will like everything that you see but you should have enough respect for fashion and personal style that you can appreciate someone’s  work.
  16. Don’t shout at or disrespect security or whoever else may be  preventing you from getting into a venue, they are doing their job. If they let in everyone that had a "good story," I shudder to think of the outcome.
  17. If you look like "you're somebody," random people will ask to take pictures with you. Just go with it, it's easier than going into a 15 minute conversation about who you are not.
  18. Don’t bankrupt yourself trying to look fabulous - just manufacture the right attitude and accessorize!
Posted on September 23, 2010 .