My Thoughts on Vogue's Kimye Cover

When I first read that Kim Kardashian was going to be on the cover of Vogue, I thought "hmmm...not without Kanye" and so it has come to pass. I know people love to hate Kanye and the love/hate relationship has gotten stronger since he hooked up with and got engaged to Kim. Kanye is unapologetic about what he thinks he deserve and he doesn't just say "I deserve this" then sit in a corner waiting for other people to 'bless him.'  He pushes hard to get what he wants and Kim on the cover of Vogue wouldn't happen without Kanye.

I'm a huge fan of Vogue and this cover hasn't diminished by love for the magazine. However, I've seen several comments on the web from people who don't share that sentiment...there is talk about Kim not deserving the cover, how hard Kanye pushed, other people who deserve it more and were slighted, boycott, cancelling subscription and on and on. While some may argue that Kim has no actual talent or skill she is a reality TV superstar, an influential fashion figure and both she and Kanye are hot public figures with significant influence on pop culture.  

Kim didn't become relevant on her own; millions watched, shared and discussed her "coming out" sex tape, millions tune(d) into see her and the rest of her clan on reality TV and millions more clamor to chat up her fashion hits and misses.  Put all that together with a controversial rap superstar, serious fashion enthusiast and one of the biggest egos on the planet and Vogue covers happen. 

Kanye said it "I am a God," and when you believe you're a God, nothing can keep you from being in the bible -- even if you have to start with the Fashion Bible.



Posted on March 21, 2014 and filed under Fashion.