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Rocksbox - Jewelry Subscription Box With a Twist

Accessories make life more interesting. 

The right piece of jewelry can take an outfit from 'meh' to amazing in 3 seconds flat. While I acknowledge the importance of accessories and the role necklaces rings, bracelets and other baubles plays in an overall  complete and fashionable look, I very rarely go accessories shopping.  Most of my accessories are purchased on a whim.  How I buy accessories is the reason I was excited to try Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription service that "gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry."

How it works:

  • Become a member (Shine Insider) by taking the style survey and adding items to your jewelry Wish List. (Membership is $19 per month.)
  • Get 3 pieces on Loan - Each piece is hand-selected for you based on your style and the items on your wish list (Items are mailed to you and a return label is included)
  • Wear what you want for as long as you want then return all items when you are done. Every set is worth an average of $200. You may return sets as often as you like.
  • If there is a piece of jewelry you love and must have, simply keep it and the credit card you have on file will be charged the insider price for the item.
  • Get $10 credit (Shine Spend) every month that can be used to buy any piece of jewelry from your set.

This way of shopping is perfect for people who can be fickle about their purchases and want the freedom to really live with an item before committing. It is also kind of genius because every single piece of jewelry I have ever bought, I had to try it on before making the purchase.  With Rocksbox, I can try items with different outfits, moods and even hairstyles before deciding if it deserves a permanent home in my jewelry box.

I'm on my 3rd Rocks Box and so far I have only really loved one necklace. This doesn't mean I am not excited with each deliver. 

My latest box (above) is the first box where I like everything included (though I haven't worn any of it yet. Sigh)  So, I think it's fair to say that as I continue to receive boxes and rate the pieces I receive, my sets will keep getting better. (Fingers crossed!)

I want you to try Rocksbox for yourself so, I'm including my special code to get you one month of Rocksbox for free!  Click HERE and you'll have a free month of Rocksbox and I'll get $25 in credit to use on Rocksbox. 

Questions? Ask below!

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Halle Berry Launches Affordable Lingerie Line (and I'm Here For It)

I give very little thought to my lingerie.  To be completely honest, I buy most of it at Marshalls  or TJ Maxx and no one piece is over $15. While I'm spending what many would call a pittance on my bras and panties, I still want pretty things that won't just completely fall apart when I toss them in the washer.  I want to look and feel fabulous in my lingerie, but I don't want to blow my wine budget doing it. Halle Berry gets this, and that's the reason i'm excited about her line of affordable lingerie, Scandale Paris.  

Berry got the idea for the American launch of the line after visiting the upscale Paris boutique that bears the original Scandale name.  The Scandale brand is not new, it's been around in Paris for over 80 years. While she loved the quality of the lingerie and how she felt when she wore it, she wanted to bring it to America at an affordable price point.  The Scandale Paris line that is now available at Target and, has pieces that retail between $7 and $18. Berry is an integral part of the the team helping with design and development, often selecting fabric and ensuring that bras are not only high quality, but comfortable to wear.

 Check out the video below for Halle Berry's own words on the launch of Scandale Paris.

Will you try Scandale Paris? Why or Why not?


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My Thoughts on Vogue's Kimye Cover

When I first read that Kim Kardashian was going to be on the cover of Vogue, I thought "hmmm...not without Kanye" and so it has come to pass. I know people love to hate Kanye and the love/hate relationship has gotten stronger since he hooked up with and got engaged to Kim. Kanye is unapologetic about what he thinks he deserve and he doesn't just say "I deserve this" then sit in a corner waiting for other people to 'bless him.'  He pushes hard to get what he wants and Kim on the cover of Vogue wouldn't happen without Kanye.

I'm a huge fan of Vogue and this cover hasn't diminished by love for the magazine. However, I've seen several comments on the web from people who don't share that sentiment...there is talk about Kim not deserving the cover, how hard Kanye pushed, other people who deserve it more and were slighted, boycott, cancelling subscription and on and on. While some may argue that Kim has no actual talent or skill she is a reality TV superstar, an influential fashion figure and both she and Kanye are hot public figures with significant influence on pop culture.  

Kim didn't become relevant on her own; millions watched, shared and discussed her "coming out" sex tape, millions tune(d) into see her and the rest of her clan on reality TV and millions more clamor to chat up her fashion hits and misses.  Put all that together with a controversial rap superstar, serious fashion enthusiast and one of the biggest egos on the planet and Vogue covers happen. 

Kanye said it "I am a God," and when you believe you're a God, nothing can keep you from being in the bible -- even if you have to start with the Fashion Bible.



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