IT Cosmetics H20 “No Tug” Waterproof Eye Pencil

Allergy season is the best time for me to test waterproof eye make-up. Cue the pollen and my eyes run like a leaky faucet. When IT Cosmetics H20 “No Tug”  Waterproof Eye Pencil landed in my hand I was excited to test it because I had recently lost my entire make-up bag…(I cried, replacing all of my eye make-up is going to be an insane task!)

My first application of IT Cosmetics H20 “No Tug”  Waterproof Eye Pencil was done on the inside of my eye rim (water line) and the base of my upper lid. After a few hours, I had what I like to call ‘eyeliner migration’ – this is the gradual slipping of the eyeliner, especially under the eye. This may have been because I didn’t use primer, it was hot, and my allergies were in rare form.

My second application was done with a primer on the upper lid and a touch of basic powder underneath my eye. Later that evening, after 3-4 applications of eye drops (due to allergies), I was pleased to notice that my eyeliner held up with out budging. Nice!

The IT Cosmetics H20 “No Tug”  Waterproof Eye Pencil promises to “glide on without tugging” or irritating the eye while the “highly pigmented formula” is said to stick to even the inner rim of the eye to give a “dramatic look.” For best results (and if you have very watery eyes like mine) use with a primer. The product is mild enough for use on sensitive skin like mine. It is also mineral oil free and free of harsh waxes. It is rich in shea and cocoa butter.

Overall this is a great long-wear product that I will continue using. As a tiny note of criticism, I wish the pencil came with a matching sharpener.

IT Cosmetics H20 “No Tug” Waterproof Eye Pencil is available in black and brown.

Posted on December 10, 2013 .