3 Shampoos I Love for My 4C Natural Hair

Prior to growing out my relaxer I never really gave much thought to shampoos.  Fast forward to present day and I'm borderline obsessed with finding the best shampoo for my 4C natural hair. If I get the shampoo step wrong my whole wash day can be ruined.  Dramatic, I know but it feels like the truth. If the shampoo is too drying or irritating I have to figure out the best conditioner and treatments to rehydrate my hair. Not only that, I also have to figure out how  to stop my scalp from getting excessively dry and flaky. More often than not, the only thing that stops the itching is another wash (Who has time for that? Not me!) The struggle to find the right shampoo is very real so when I do, I stick with them and then I most definitely have to share. I'm  currently loving these 3 shampoos for my 4C natural hair: 

Dark and Lovely Tension Release Shampoo

When I think about my kinky, coily hair I definitely get why  'tension release' is a part of this shampoo's name.  If my hair were less "tense" I would have an easier time dealing with it...or so I think. The Dark and Lovely Tension Release Shampoo is formulated to thoroughly cleanse  without drying out hair or scalp. It uses an anti breakage recipe that helps to "reinforce hair fiber for strong, flourishing, healthy-looking hair that can grow to its full potential."  There is no shortage of foam when using and I only have to shampoo once.  $9.99

Nude by Center Stage Cuts Hydrating Shampoo

I came across this brand through my COCOTIQUE Beauty Box and fell in love with several of their products after visiting their Newark, New Jersey salon.  The Nude by center Stage Cuts Hydrating Shampoo is a low foam botanical rich formula that cleans hair and scalp leaving both super soft and hydrated.  I do a double shampoo with this but I don't mind because the scent is amazing. (Use COCONUDE for 20% off. Expires November 29, 2014)

Leonor Greyl Shampooing Reviviscence

I am yet to use a Leonor Greyl product I don't like. Shampooing Reviviscence is a deeply reparative shampoo that works wonders on my hair and scalp. It is specifically made  for dehydrated, colored, damaged and brittle hair.  It contains hydrolyzed silk and quinoa, lactic acid, glycerin and several botanicals to help moisturized and repair damaged hair to restore shine and manageability. It lathers well and only requires a single shampoo to get hair and scalp clean. $67





Posted on November 13, 2014 and filed under Hair Care, Natural hair, Product Review.