Are You Wearing Too Much Makeup?

I love makeup, it has the power to increase confidence, enhance looks and completely transform any individual. But how much makeup do you really need? Prior to making my foray into beauty blogging, I bought makeup and other cosmetics about twice per month...on average.  Since I started beauty blogging (in 2009) that has been scaled way back because I simply have more than I could ever possibly use.  However, sometimes there is that lipstick or that shadow palette that  just begs to be bought and I can't resist, so I indulge.  While I have more lipsticks right now than I would ever be able to finish if I wore one every day for the next 20 years, I still get excited when something new is launched and I still want to try it.  However, when it comes to actually wearing makeup, I've always gone by the rule, "less is more."

Wearing foundation, a little liner, mascara and gloss.

I'm on Instagram and I'm always amazed at some of the #FaceoftheDay images I come across. I understand that makeup application is considered an art, however, sometimes looking at amatuer artist and their canvas I'm left wondering,  "Is that really your face of the day?" Turns out I am not alone. While I, and others, can appreciate the artistry and beauty of some of the more dramatic makeup looks, not many people find those looks attractive for real life.

In this article on,  it cites a study from Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychologythat basically states that women, on average, wear  30  to 40% more makeup than either men or women find attractive. It turns out that just minimally enhancing one's natural features with makeup is preferred to a full face 'beat.'

Wearing everything I wore in the previous picture but  I added more eye makeup, a brighter lip and bronzer.

Wearing everything I wore in the previous picture but  I added more eye makeup, a brighter lip and bronzer.

Some might say,  "I don't know about you but when I put on my makeup it's really to suit myself. I don't care what anyone thinks." To that I say, you're least a little bit. We all want to be attractive and we all want to be liked, whether it is a double tap on our Instagram selfie, a casual unsolicited compliment from a stranger, or a friend or loved one saying, "you look very nice today." I think wanting to be liked is just a part of human nature. No one wears makeup so they can look less attractive, we use makeup to enhance our beauty. (Unless you're some kind of performer that uses makeup to scare people. I'm looking at you clowns.)

While I love makeup and playing around with different looks, trends and products,  I don't think I overdo it. I don't think you'll ever see me out casually wearing an intense smokey eye, bright cheeks and bold lips all at the same time...I might do one, but never all three. 

The bottom line is really about you and what makes you comfortable. If the only way you have the confidence to leave the house each day is with a Real Housewives of Atlanta face beat down, go for it. However, if you are in fact wearing lots of makeup because you think it makes you more attractive to men or women, it turns out that you really don't need it.

Posted on May 21, 2014 .