Contouring on Dark Skin Using Cover FX Contouring Palette

Contouring is all the rage right now.  It might actually share a publicist with Kale.  Unless you have been living under a makeup free rock, you no doubt would have come across at least one person who was "beat for the GAWDS" with their main techniques being contouring and highlighting.  While I love makeup, I tend to keep my application minimal, only using just enough to highlight my best features. This is the same approach I take to highlighting and contouring and the Cover FX Contouring Palette makes it as easy as finding kale on any New York City restaurant menu.

The Cover FX Contouring Palette "combines 4 perfect shades in a cream texture to highlight, illuminate and contour."  The Contour Kit is available in 6 shades and is based on depth and undertone of the skin.  The formula on three of the shades in the palette is the same as that of their cream foundations, which I absolutely love.  The other shade, the highlight, is creamy and shimmery and gives a nice glow.

I'm  usually shade N90 in the Cover FX cream foundation, so, the palette recommended for me is  N Deep. (My shade is a little off right now since I haven't had any meaningful sun exposure in months!)

Here's how it breaks down for other shades:

  • Shades N0 thru N30, select N Light Contour Kit
  • Shades N35 thru N60, select N Medium Contour Kit
  • Shades N70 thru N110, select N Deep Contour Kit (My Match)
  • Shades P10 thru P60, select P Light-Medium Contour Kit
  • Shades G10 thru G40, select G Light Medium Contour Kit
  • Shades G50 thru G80, select G Medium-Deep Contour Kit

So, now that we have established that this palette is pretty awesome, here's how I use it:

I start with a clean moisturized face then apply a light layer of foundation.  (Obviously if you have more to cover, then you can build up your foundation a bit more.)  I then use the nifty contouring card included in the palette as a guide to show me where to place which shade. As I noted above, I want a simple everyday look so my application is very light.  I use this Cover FX Contouring Brush to add shade 1 to highlight and shade 4 to contour. I use shade 2 at the very end of my makeup application just below the cheek areas that I highlighted. Shade 3 is my usual foundation shade.

I blend with a flat top kabuki brush then set the highlighted areas with a translucent powder like this one and the contoured areas with the Cover FX matte setting powder in Deep.  I finish up by lightly brushing my entire face with big fluffy powder brush to ensure everything is blended.  As with all makeup application, blending is the key.

Click through below to see the steps:

All pictures are unretouched selfies and any complexion differences you see are as a result of changes in the light. 

Bottom line, this Cover FX Contouring Palette  is  amazing. It retails for $48 and is available here.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Please leave them below. Thanks! :)



Posted on March 27, 2015 .