3 Nail Polish Shades Every Woman Should Own

The growth of nail art and subsequent increase in demand for products to meet the needs of the amateur nail artists makes it easy to forget that a simple manicure is still very fashionable. No matter the level of your nail polish artistry, or how you wear your nails,  I think there are three shades of polishes every woman should own.


Nude is considered closest color you can find to your actual skin tone. However, on nails, I think the perfect nude can be a shade lighter than your skin tone with just a hint of pink in it to make your fingers look alive.  The perfect nude is creamy and opaque.

Quick Tip: If you are short on time, a nude polish is the way to go because even if you don't have a perfect application and get a bit on your cuticles, your nails will still look awesome. It is also the perfect choice if you want to elongate your fingers.

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There are some days when a basic polish just won't do; you have to have a vibrant color that screams "I'm alive!" While some might say fire engine red is this color, I think red can be too harsh on certain skin tones. I find a coral/orange color to be more versatile.

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Navy/Dark Blue

I think everyone has an edgy side but that doesn't mean we have to go grunge rocker with smudgy dark raccoon eyes and spiked hair -- a navy or dark blue polish is enough to do the trick. Nicely manicured dark nails can be sophisticated and ideal for formal occasions.

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There you have it, Nude, Coral/Orange and Navy/Dark Blue, three nail polish shades every woman should own.

Agree? Disagree? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Posted on May 29, 2014 and filed under Nails.