Back to the 80s on the Stairmaster

I never worked out on the Stair Master, simply because they weren't readily available in my  gyms.  Even when they were available, they were always occupied. Always.  Until now... Today's workout:

30 minutes on Elliptical (Resistance between 7-10. Average pace about 6 miles per hour)

About 12 minutes on the Stair Master (I think I averaged 2.7 flights per minute for about 40 flights) I used three high tempo songs to get through this routine: Beyonce's "Who run the World," "Moves like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and B.O.B by Outkast.  I tried to keep on tempo with the songs - this is always fun!  I could feel a deep burn in my glutes and my quads.  I think I'll do it again on Thursday (if the machine is free.)

Upper Body Workout

  • Alternating dumbbell curls (10 pounds)
  • One arm dumbbell curls (20 pounds)
  • Standing dumbbell press (10 pound dumbbells)
  • Tricep extension (20 pounds)
  • Shrugs (10 pound dumbbells)
  • Clean and Press (20 pound bar)

My favorite part of my workout is always the stretching....maybe I should find a pilates class.

Posted on April 10, 2013 .