Update to My Scientific 7 Minute Workout Routine

Winter is almost here and what I've noticed with myself is that I work out more at home during colder months, gym membership or not.  Since discovering the 7 minute scientific workout my life has been super simple. I've pretty much stop stressing about how and when to work out. I try to workout in the morning but that's not always possible, so, I've been doing the workout when I have 15 -20 minutes to spare.

The first few times I did the routine I was almost out of breath by the high knees.  However, after the first week I got better control of my breathing and was able to pull it off more smoothly. After two weeks I had more defined abs. Working out on my own I almost always skip ab exercises so any sustained activity on my part was sure to show some incremental change. 

During week three of of me trying the workout routine,  I added in a barbell with 20 pounds of weights and used it for the 30 second squat and lunges. It gave a deeper burn and got my heart rate up close to where it was the first week. 

After a month or doing the 7 minute workout (and 7 minutes of stretching) with tiny modifications I can honestly say I maintained my level of fitness and didn't have any negative changes to my body. I think it is a good circuit to add into your overall fitness routine and pull It out once or twice per week to save yourself some time. If you're training for a marathon, looking to drop major weight or wanting to bulk up, this is obviously not the routine for you but if you're looking to maintain current fitness levels and stay toned, i think the 7 Minute Scientific Workout is  so much better than running mindlessly on a treadmill for 30 minutes or more. 

Posted on December 12, 2014 and filed under Fitness, Health, Science.