4 Tips to Help You Workout Regularly

It is no secret that for most people a workout is not first and foremost on their list of things to do. While I have worked out in some capacity for most of my adult life, it's still not second nature to me. I still have to find the motivation to get up, put my gear on and get moving. Here are 4 tips that help me to work out regularly.

Keep Sneakers at the Foot of the Bed

If the first thing your feet do when you wake up in the morning is touch your sneakers, I'd say you are more than halfway to getting in a workout. It also helps to have your other workout gear close by...I keep mine in the bathroom because it's often the first place I go when I wake up. 

Follow 'Regular' People on Instagram Who Post Their Workouts

I used to follow fitness experts on Instagram but after a while I realized that they didn't inspired me to workout. They inspired me to try a new moves once I was working out but never to get up and actually workout. Fitness experts and trainers have to workout, don't they? it's their job....It's not something they have to do in addition to the rest of their lives. However, it's motivating for me to see someone who leads a full life outside of fitness finding the time to workout every morning. Silly? Maybe...but it works for me.

Reward Yourself For Working Out

On days when I do work out, I make a creamier, richer more tasty breakfast smoothie. I can have a glass (sometimes 2) of wine or a cocktail with dinner. On days when I don't, I'll often skip the wine and go for a much leaner smoothie, something that's often not as tasty. It's not a big rewards, but it something noticeable enough to prompt me to get moving.  

Check-in with Friends About Your a Workout

If you have someone with whom you exchange even quick workout stories, it motivates you to have something to add to that part of your daily conversation. If you don't have an in real life (IRL) friend with whom to exchange these daily tidbits, try Twitter.  

It took me a while to realize these things helped me to workout more frequently.  This is obviously not a comprehensive list, it's just a few simple things that have helped me to work out more consistently.

Do you have any tips to share?




Posted on November 3, 2014 and filed under Fitness, Health.