Get Scented: 5 Perfumes to Try Right Now

Clique by Roblé is a gourmand fragrance based on a blood orange margarita and french toast crunch, recipes by Chef Roble Ali. The citrus is very prominent at the beginning of this perfume but quickly leads to a peppery, almost smokey scent. The middle is floral but not too sweet and the final dry down has hints of chocolate and cinnamon. $60.00

Bvlgari Omina Indian Garnet is a lightly floral and spicy fragrance inspired by rare and precious Mandarin Garnet. It includes notes of mandarin , saffron, Indian tuberose, Osmanthus, Indian woods and amber. $82

Rosabotanica is spicy, sweet, sensual and seductive all at once. This unique fragrance is based on the fresh and bright contemporary vegetal rose accord mixed with white wood and amber. Top notes of pepper and citrus come together and blend effortlessly with green lily and figs in the middle. The end result is a seductively sweet and lasts for hours. $100

Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is big and bold with oriental influences. The perfume opens with citrus, honey and rum. The rum lingers and mixes with blooming middle notes hat include orchids, rose, jasmine and more. The base is warm, spicy and a bit woody with notes that include balsam, suede, laudanum and sandalwood. $112

Lalique - Rose, iris and jasmine give way to delicious notes of pear, wild black berries and black currant leaf, the base is a  musky blend that also includes vanilla and sandalwood. $175

Posted on October 5, 2014 .