Use this RoC Skincare Night Cream as an Overnight Sleep Mask

Yesterday I spent the day out and about in NYC. I started in Harlem at Vivrant Beauty (more coming later this week) and ended at Midtown Lofts to shop at Lovebrownsugar's pop-up shop. I did all this walking around town without a coat! I have been in New Jersey since 2009 and this is the first time I have beenable to walk around without a coat this late in the year. While I don't currently need my winter fashion gear, I do need to ensure my winter skincare arsenal is tops as soon as I turn on the heat in my apartment for first time. This is where RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream comes in.

RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream is made with Hexinol, a proprietary blend of of ingredients proven to fight the signs aging.  According to RoC:

Multi-action HEXINOL Technology was developed to target the visible signs of aging from a different path than other anti-aging ingredients. It can give visible improvement in as little as 4 weeks by restoring firmness, smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving the look of discoloration and overall radiance of skin, and hydrating dry skin.

Here's how I use  RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream as an overnight sleep mask:

  1. Two step cleanse starting with a cleansing oil followed by RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks 
  2. Apply Toner
  3. Apply a thin layer of RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream while skin is still damp
  4. About 5-7 minutes after applying the first layer of the night cream, apply a second slightly heavier layer of the cream.

For me, the major benefit of using this cream as an overnight sleep mask is the level of hydration it gives my skin. Hydrated skin tends to look brighter and more glowy so I am all for doing whatever it takes with the products I have to get the results I want.  While I only have my own experience using RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream as an overnight sleep mask, I think this usage as an overnight sleep mask with definitely boost the moisture levels of your skin.  

RoC Skincare MULTI CORREXION 5 In 1 Restoring Night Cream  retails for approximately $30 and is available at drugstores and other retailers nationwide.

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Get the Glow with Olay Regenerist Luminous

I have always had a fondness for Olay and I have to thank my mom for that.  While I can’t speak to the overall state of the skincare market in Jamaica back in the 80s to early 90s, I know my mom always had Olay products -- which means it was readily available and accessible to the masses. It’s the same today, Olay is widely available and has a line of products to address your skincare issues no matter your age or skin care concern. Olay recently launched  Regenerist Luminous -- a line of products specifically formulated to reduce the appearance of dark spots revealing pearlescent, glowing skin.

The Olay Regenerist Luminous line consists of cleansers, moisturizers and treatments all formulated to work together to give clear and even toned complexion.  

Products include:

I have a thing for bright, even toned skin (who doesn’t) and so I dove face first into the line and have found a couple of favorites.

I love the Regenerist Luminous Brightening Cream Cleanser, especially now that it is colder and my skin tends to get drier.  It is a granular (from the micro beads), oil rich cleanser that easily breaks up dirt and makeup on the face to reveal clean skin that has not been stripped of moisture. (, $7.59)

The Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask is perfect to use after a long day out in the elements. You hear “mask” and you might be thinking heavy, sticky, messy -- don’t.  This mask goes on smoothy, feels a bit cool and does great job of restoring moisture while you sleep -- you’ll wake up with skin that looks and feels refreshed. (, $24.99)

If you haven’t looked at Olay in a while, look again. I can all but guarantee there is a product or four that will work wonders on your skin.  If you have problems with hyperpigmentation, dull and/or uneven skin tone, be sure to check out the Olay Regenerist Luminous line.

Do you use Olay products?  If yes, what’s your favorite?

DISCLAIMER: This post is sponsored by Olay through Face Flawless Skin.  Opinions are my own and have not been edited by the sponsor.

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5 Products to Brighten Skin Tone and Even Texture

Lackluster skin is not attractive.   A glowing complexion is a sign of health, youth and vibrancy -- it is coveted by ladies (and gents) the world over. While lightly applying your favorite facial oil,  or strategic placement of highlighter can give you a temporary lit from within look, achieving a no filter "I woke up like this" glow takes a little time, patience and the right products. Luckily, I'm in your corner and here to share some of my favorite glow getters.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Cleanser

I all but neglected my skin while planning #FaceFlawlessSkin Clinic (of which Olay was sponsor) It's funny that at the time when I should have been taking the best care of my skin (So, I can show up  to the event -- well, flawless) is the time I neglected it because I was too busy 'adulting'. Anyway, Olay Regenerist Luminous Cleansers does a great job cleansing the skin without drying it out.  It is a creamy, granular, low foam cleanser that contains glycerin to help pull moisture to the skin, citric acid that may help brighten skin tone over time and vitamin E to nourish skin.  While the cleanser works well to remove minimal amounts of makeup, I suggest removing heavy makeup first then moving to the cleansing step. (, $7.59)

Juara Turmeric Mask

I love that I can put this mask on and forget I'm wearing it. "Turmeric extract works to brighten and even out skin tone while providing antioxidant protection, kaolin clay purifies skin and refines pores and a touch of candlenut oil is added to soften and nurture skin."  Of all the products on this list, this is the one I have been consistently using the longest. If you want to gently but evenly brighten your skin, this is a very safe bet.  (, $37)

RoC Skincare Daily Resurfacing Disks

I have only been using this product for two week and it's already changed the texture of my skin. Not to brag, but my skin was in pretty good condition to begin with but after hearing Danielle (The Style and Beauty Doctor) rave about this product, I had to try it for myself.  RoC Skincare Daily Resurfacing Disks are gentle enough for everyday use and have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines after one week, reduce the signs of photoaging and after 4 weeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores after 12 weeks.   I don't have fine lines or wrinkles ( thanks, melanin) but these act as a gentle daily exfoliant to give a nice glow and even texture. [RoC Skincare was also a sponsor of Face Flawless Skin Clinic] (, $9.99)

Ambi Fade Cream

According to many leading dermatologists, including those at Skin of Color Society, hydroquinone is  the "gold standard' for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. Ambi Fade Cream uses 2% hydroquinone (the max allowed over the counter by the FDA) to fade dark marks and even skin tone. The cream also contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to boost the effectiveness of the hydroquinone and Vitamin E to help nourish the skin. I used this product on stubborn dark marks and it works exceptionally well.  I haven't used Ambi Fade Cream in a while  -- I am taking better care of my skin and doing everything in my power to prevent dark marks in the first place.  If you are battling a serious case of hyperpigmentation, this is definitely worth considering. (, $6.99)

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid

I'm not going to lie, this is one of my favorite products of 2015.  It is everything to me and I keep talking about it -- but that's just how it is when I find a product I love. [I feel like I should have sample sizes to hand out to people in the streets. :)]  Paula's Choice BHA Liquid “rapidly exfoliates both the skin’s surface and inside the pore, reshaping the pore lining, unclogging pores and improving skin cell turnover rate.”   In short, the Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) works below the skin's surface to unclog pores prevent breakouts.  For those pesky hormonal pimples that leave marks behind, it quickly gets rid of the newest marks while slowly working on those that have taken up more permanent residency. The BHA Lotion is very light -- it feels almost like a toner. I use once or twice daily with no irritation at all. (, $24) 

It takes a little work to get skin smooth and even toned.  One of the best ways to maintain your ideal tone and texture is to find a sunscreen product to use everyday.  While dermatologist recommend an SPF of at least 30 everyday, it is even more important to wear an SPF while using the products above. 

What are your favorite products to get clear, even toned skin? 

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Product Review: H&M Body Cream

H&M recently launched their beauty line and I have had it on my mind pop in the store to check it out. After a recent lunch with Danielle, aka The Style and Beauty Doctor, we made a quick stop at H&M in midtown to browse the beauty offerings. Since I have dry skin that gets itchy and even drier as it gets colder, I decided I definitely needed to try the body cream -- after all, winter is coming!  

I picked up Urban Verve Body Body Cream -- described as "A rich, hydrating body cream with an energizing bergamot and vetiver fragrance."  I  love the fragrance.  It's light, fresh and doesn't compete with my perfume du jour. Formulatedwith sunflower seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E and other skin loving ingredients, the lightweight cream is easily applied and appears to sink into the skin.  However, it doesn't provide a lot of moisture. It left my skin feeling almost matte. I don't necessarily want to feel oily but the "supple" feeling I was expecting was not present. #WompWomp. 

Bottom Line: Urban Verve Body Body Cream is not at all ideal for my fall/winter body care needs but may be just what I need for summer when there is more moisture and humidity in the air.  

Have you tried the H&M Body Cream?  What are your thoughts?


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Got Acne? Here's How to Care For Your Skin During Winter

"OMG -- I love getting pimples" - said no one ever. While we all hate getting pimples, according to the American Academy of Dermatology,  85% of males and females between the ages of 12 and 24 experience at least minor acne, and the cost associated with the treatment of acne exceed 3 billion dollars! No matter what language you speak those are ridiculously high numbers.  Dealing with acne during warmer months is not a walk in the park, however, because of the drying nature of some products used to treat acne, it can be especially difficult during winter months.  With that in mind, I caught up with Bioelements Director of Education, Teresa Stenzel,  to get answers on How to Care for Acne Prone Skin During Winter, as well as some product suggestions to help you get through winter with, healthy, beautiful looking skin.

Some acne medications tend to dry out the skin - what are some tips to help acne sufferers during dry winter months?

Keep up the hydration level by literally saturating your skin with a toner that is designed to not only treat acne and kill bacteria, but has anti-inflammatory benefits. My favorite is our Bioelements Acne  Toner, as it’s a medicated toner that hydrates the skin with calming natural ingredients.  Also, don’t skip the sunscreen and moisturizer!  UV rays dry out the skin even during winter months, so a broad spectrum SPF that also moisturizes will protect the skin with a breathable barrier.  Most acne sufferers will want one that is not greasy; my personal favorite is RayDefense SPF30. This light and non-greasy creme gives the skin broad spectrum protection, and also provides moisturizing and anti-aging benefits. 

At  night, use a moisturizer that also doubles as a breakout fighter. Bioelements Oxygenation is formulated with stabilized hydrogen peroxide, which floods the skin with oxygen and helps kill the p. acne bacteria that leads to breakouts. Bioelements Beyond Hydration is a gel based moisturizer with skin strengthening Chinese herbs and water-binding vitamins and lipids.

Also, drink as much water as you can to hydrate from the inside out, avoid too many caffeine-laden drinks that can irritate the skin further, and wash with warm water, not hot!

Suggested Products

So, the pimples have cleared and now we have dark marks and acne scars — what is the quickest most effective way to rid the skin of hyperpigmentation and acne scars? What specific active ingredient should we seek out?  

Stubborn spots can be significantly and quickly addressed by choosing products that contain ingredients that will lighten and brighten, specifically targeting how pigment is produced within the cells (called melanocytes).  [Try to] avoid hydroquinone or any ingredients that bleach the skin, and instead choose a blend that combines science and nature together.  From nature, I like alpha arbutin (a natural alternative to hydroquinone with no negative side effects), natural melanin-inhibiting alpine plants such as peppermint leaf extract, pimula veris, veronica officinalis; and from science, dimethylmeothy chromanyl palmitate (which induces brightening and fights the signs of photo-aging). 

Suggested Products:

Both contain a Triple-Action Brightening Blend. A recent study showed significant results in just 2 weeks with these products - improving dark spots and evening skin tone. 

Is acne helped or exasperated by sonic powered skin care brushes like the Clarisonic? 

In most cases, skin care brushes are prone to causing more injury to acneic skin, because the tendency is to apply way too much pressure. On a skin that is already compromised, infected with red and swollen breakouts, this is a bad idea. I recommend using your fingers to gently apply and massage in product. Even when the breakouts are under the skin, the bacteria is still present, so by using a rotating brush you run the risk of scratching the skin, and causing injury that can lead to bacteria spreading and potential scarring.

Oil cleansing has been trending for some time — are oil cleansers safe and effective for use on acne prone skin? 

Theoretically, oil attracts oil. So if you have very sensitive skin, occasional breakouts or oilier skin, I do like an oil-based cleanser. However, opt for one that the oil converts into a gentle foam so it doesn’t have a greasy texture, and also contains ingredients that hydrate and heal as they cleanse. Our Sensitive Skin Cleanser has olive oil, lavender, kissi seed and rosemary - all skin-friendly oils. However, if you have chronic, more moderate acne and hormonal breakouts that are inflamed, I prefer a gel-based medicated cleanser designed specifically to treat this condition. Our OTC Spotless Cleanser contains 2% salicylic acid, plus papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes to gently cleanse, kill acne bacteria and exfoliate pore-clogging skin cells.

Suggested Products:

Do you suffer from acne?  How do you care for your skin during colder months?

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