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Product Review: H&M Body Cream

H&M recently launched their beauty line and I have had it on my mind pop in the store to check it out. After a recent lunch with Danielle, aka The Style and Beauty Doctor, we made a quick stop at H&M in midtown to browse the beauty offerings. Since I have dry skin that gets itchy and even drier as it gets colder, I decided I definitely needed to try the body cream -- after all, winter is coming!  

I picked up Urban Verve Body Body Cream -- described as "A rich, hydrating body cream with an energizing bergamot and vetiver fragrance."  I  love the fragrance.  It's light, fresh and doesn't compete with my perfume du jour. Formulatedwith sunflower seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E and other skin loving ingredients, the lightweight cream is easily applied and appears to sink into the skin.  However, it doesn't provide a lot of moisture. It left my skin feeling almost matte. I don't necessarily want to feel oily but the "supple" feeling I was expecting was not present. #WompWomp. 

Bottom Line: Urban Verve Body Body Cream is not at all ideal for my fall/winter body care needs but may be just what I need for summer when there is more moisture and humidity in the air.  

Have you tried the H&M Body Cream?  What are your thoughts?


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Body Care Routine For Dry Winter Skin

Winter, the glorious time of year when you have to work hard to keep ashiness and cracked skin at bay.  No one wants to remove their clothes to reveal scaly dry skin, or worse yet have the Itchy and Scratchy Show going on under their layers of clothing.  If you battle dry skin, these products and tips will help you to stay moisturized during freezing temperatures.


I like to start with an exfoliator -- which can be as simple as a mixture of turbinado sugar and coconut oil or as fancy as a combination of exotic ingredients.  Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, increases circulation and prepares skin to better receive the moisture and other skin nourishing ingredients in your lotions, creams and oils. I exfoliate once or twice per week.



Tree Hut Sugar Scrub - basic scrub that leaves skin soft and smooth.  It's available in a myriad of scent combinations, all of them amazing.

St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub  - If you have some body acne, this is a great choice.  Salicylic acid will help to treat body breakouts. 


If ever there was a time to switch to a moisturizing body wash, winter is that time. You want to get clean without drying out your skin.



Dove Moisturizing Body Wash - Quite possibly my favorite body wash of all time.  It cleans effectively while leaving skin super soft. It's great all year 'round but I appreciate it so much more during the winter months.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash -   uses Colloidal Oatmeal to soothe skin while a blend of natural oils replenishes skin's moisture levels. Works great on sensitive skin, too.

L'Occitane Arlésienne Shower Cream - a gently foaming shower cream that cleanses skin leaving it smelling lightly of rose and violet. 


You can't moisturize without water (or water like substance) and the best way to do that is with lotions and creams.  I want my lotions and creams to be moisturizing but I don't want them to feel like I'm wearing a latex bodysuit...I want my skin to be able to breathe.


The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter - This is one of my favorite body butter creams.  It provides all day moisture without feeling too heavy on the skin.  

Origins Precipitation Continuous Moisture Recovery -  a lightweight lotion that provides continuous moisturization through the use of Shea and Cocoa Butter, Sunflower, Soybean and Ginseng Oils as well as Aloe and Gentian Root.

Lancer The Method Body Nourish Creme - This is a moisturizer and exfoliant in one.  It is on my 2014 list of favorite products because it works exceptionally well.  Read a complete review here


Once  the temperatures hits freezing or below I almost always use an oil or a butter over my lotion or cream. The oils form a protective barrier over skin to lock in moisture.  Some people can get away with using just an oil or butter right out of the shower but on very cold days I need both because my skin gets very dry and there is nothing more annoying than feeling stiff, dry and itchy under layers of clothing.


Su-Kari Body Butter -  A mix of shea, coconut and mango butters that is whipped to perfection with jojoba oil, vitamin e and fragrance. Apply directly out of the shower or layer over your body cream or lotion for all day protection.  I also use it to seal the ends of my two strand twist.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil - has a coconut oil base.  It absorbs well into skin without a greasy feeling. I also use it in my hair.

Organic Coconut Oil - sometimes simple is best and organic coconut oil is as simple as it gets.  I use Trader Joe's but any organic coconut oil will do.  To get a better understanding of coconut oil and to find uses for hair, click here and here.

For me, the key to keeping moisturized during winter is layering product. Hope these tips and product suggestions work for you.

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