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Ingredient Spotlight

I like beauty products.  They are fun and for the most part, they make people look and feel good.  Outside of looking and feeling good, I like to take time to understand a little about the ingredients found in beauty products. I want to know how these ingredients work to improve skin, hair and essentially, lives.  That is why I'm starting an Ingredient Spotlight segment on the blog. [!]

While I generally go beyond the product label and marketing claims for my information, my understanding of research on ingredients is still limited. I don't have a background in chemistry or any other science, for that matter. I didn't even like chemistry in high school but I have developed a love for it as I have gotten older. While I am not a chemist, I do have bit of common sense that I use from time to time. :)

Common sense, my ability to read and my understanding of basic chemistry gives me just what I need to understand the basics of how most cosmetic ingredients work. With that said, all the information I present in my Ingredient Spotlight posts will be according to what I understand after reading scientific reports from credible sources. 

I understand that each person will have their own opinion and/or experience with ingredients and obviously that is fine because this is a blog, not a communist country.  I am not a conspiracy theorist nor am I interested in propaganda. I'll simply read scientific reports from credible sources to form an opinion based on proven facts. 

Again, my Ingredient Spotlight posts will be my unscientific common sense understanding of what I have read. I will cite all sources used so that you too can read, use common sense and come to your own understanding.

I'm so excited...can't wait to write my first Ingredient Spotlight post!

P.S.  If there is an ingredient you're curious about, please leave a note in the comment section...maybe it's one that I'm also curious about and i'll make it my next topic.

Posted on March 13, 2014 .