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TTB Files: My Summer Skin Care Travel Essentials

Packing skin care products for travel has never been least for me. When TSA first instituted the 3 fluid ounce rule where all products had to fit into a tiny ziplock bag, people scrambled to find appropriate sizes of their current skin care products. Skin care fanatics the world over were pissed! No one wanted to go buy tiny bottles to measure out 3 ounce portions. Fast forward to present day and the growth in the number of products now available in travel sizes and the increased access to these products through beauty box subscriptions such as GlossyboxCOCOTIQUE and Birchbox and sites like, make it simple to pack a tiny bag of skin care products without the use of a funnel. The trouble now is narrowing the selection down to only the essentials. Before I start packing, I assess the condition of my skin and make adjustments based on the weather conditions at my travel destination.

Skin Care Travel Essentials.JPG

I have an upcoming trip to the Sunshine State and my oily skin will need help to be on its best behavior in the heat and humidity. Head to to see what I'll be packing.

Posted on July 21, 2014 and filed under Skincare, Beauty.