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Smell This: Balmain Extatic

When I think Balmain, I think, fresh, modern, edgy, luxury. I blame that on Olivier Rousteing, the French brand’s lead designer.  I’m not ashamed to say I didn’t give much  thought to Balmain prior to Rousteings reign but his talent, looks and overall youthful exuberance couldn't be ignored. While fashionable images of today’s hottest celebrities and shirtless Rousteing selfies are conjured when I hear Balmain, I get a different vibe entirely from a whiff of Balmain Extatic.

Balmain Extatic is an Eau de Parfum that is described as an “oriental floral” and  it opens with nashi pear and sparkling osmanthus. The opening is floral and sweet but still has a bit of playfulness.  It mellows out a bit after a about 20 minutes but still has an overt sweetness to it that seems to mature with every passing minute.  Other notes in the fragrance include jasmine, crystaline rose, iris, amyris and cashmere wood notes and Barenia leather. 


It seems to be at it’s best after about an hour and a half when the cashmere wood notes and the leather really come together and some of the sweetness has dissipated. While the notes in the fragrance are quite exotic, I think Balmain Extatic stops short of being a memorable, edgy kind of fragrance. Though it is lovely, It wears a bit more 'mature' or maybe I should describe it as 'old world exotic' and it's not something I would associate with the more edgy Balmain I am just now getting to know -- this I can blamed on Rousteing. 

Balmain Extatic retails for $115 and is available here.

Posted on March 23, 2015 and filed under Perfume, Smell This.