29 Things to do While Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

  1. Prepare
  2. Write a recipe for a cocktail based on 3 or more liquors and other ingredients you have on hand
  3. Make the cocktail and name it "YOUR NAME Frankenstorm"
  4. Get binders and fill them with cute things (kittens, puppies, babies etc)
  5. Clean up your e-mail inbox
  6. Make one sandwich with all the deli meat and cheese now in your refrigerator
  7. Look for hurricane supplies online and vow to be more prepared next time
  8. Do the perfect "un-French" manicure on one hand them look on the other hand in disgust
  9. Clean out your freezer
  10. Make a stew (with what you found in your freezer)
  11. Follow someone new on Instagram and like all their photos
  12. Bake a pie from scratch with whatever fruits you have on hand
  13. Clean out your closet and reorganize by Pantone color
  14. Watch all the presidential debates again and take a shot every time Mittens does his smirk or POTUS says "look"
  15. Find all your missing socks
  16. Take a really long bath or shower
  17. Make a list of all the people to whom you will give gifts this Christmas
  18. Check your bank balance then make that list again
  19. Vacuum or sweep under your sofa
  20. Untangle and fold all those electrical cords that drive you crazy
  21. Write an episode of your favorite sitcom
  22. Stare at your pores in magnifying mirror for 30 minutes
  23. Obsess about the size of your pores
  24. Start a blog
  25. Write your own list of things do to do while waiting for Sandy Frankenstorm
  26. Share your  YOURNAME Frankenstorm cocktail recipe on your blog
  27. Watch the first season of "House of Lies"
  28. Have another cocktail
  29. Congratulate yourself for reading my list
Posted on October 28, 2012 .