Am I Really a Weirdo?

PTY (my friend) told me I was weird today, and that she had never met another person like me. It may be true, I've heard it several times. I guess I march to my own beat or maybe it's someone else's beat that I don't know about. Maybe I'm a puppet - do puppets even know they are puppets? Not if they have a good master.

She also said I don't look like a person that would cry. I cry when I feel stupid, helpless and when I get mad. Someone may wonder why I don't cry when I get sad but I find that sadness is usually preceded by a feeling of stupidity or helplessness, so in my book, I only cry for the root causes. (Totally logical, right?) 

I have cried several times this year for all of the above reasons and hopefully it won't happen again. Unless I stub my pinky toe so hard that it bleeds invisible blood ( that feeling when your toe is hit so hard you're afraid to look down because you're almost positive it has been completely severed.)

The point is I'm not like other people - but then again, who is?
Maybe i'm not unique, weird, or even special because if everyone is special, unique or weird in their own way, then we are all pretty much the same. 


Posted on October 7, 2008 .