...AND in the Past is Where We all Shall Dwell

Over the last few months I have encountered a disproportionate number of older people, men and women.  I am a contract employee where I go about promoting various high end liquor brands and drug store makeup brands.  Sometimes I find myself in a liquor store in a fairly nice neighborhood and other times I am smack dab in the middle of "da hood." I have had friends ask me how I am able to put up with all the ogling and my reply is pretty much always the same "it's not a problem...unless someone touches me without my permission." More interesting than the stares and random pictures, is the conversations I sometimes have with people while I'm out and working.  I think the fact that I am in "uniform," people get the sense that they can just talk about whatever comes to their mind and they won't see me again, so what the heck. Maybe they just see me as their friendly neighborhood bartender.

I have heard some strange stories that have caused me to raise my inner eye brow and they are always about the past, not yesterday, last week, last month or even last year but  ten,  fifteen, twenty, sometimes thirty years past. I have broken down the stories into two categories, stories that hinge on power and stories that hinge on beauty (after all, what else is there?)  Men talk more about power, what they use to be able to do, both personally and professionally and women talk about what they use to look like and what happened as a result of their beauty.

What will I be talking about 30 years from now?  Real or imagined,  it will be the thing that is most important to me now.

Posted on October 6, 2010 .