Are Politicians 'Sleezier' than Everyone Else?

Anthony Weiner resigned today. He has made the news for three consecutive weeks. First when he denied he had sent inappropriate pictures and messages to women over Twitter, and most recently when he made his exit speech in front of dozens of reporters, hecklers and those that think he made a mistake by resigning. The spate of exposed politicians (pun intended) in recent memory, just begs the question, "are politicians sleezier than the average Joe or Jane?" I am going to answer that with a firm (no pun intended) no!

In an age where reality TV is the choice of majority of the viewing audience and people watch and discuss with what seems an endless appetite, it is a miracle that people look away from the train wrecks long enough to see what is happening in the real world. Some of these shows are beyond ridiculous in my mind, yet they are watched by millions. I bet these are the same millions who are most vocal about impropriety in the personal lives of politicians and others in the public eye. It seems  reality TV has tricked us into thinking that we should have a say in every part of someone's life, simply because they serve the public.

In the face of a political scandal, I often hear "we can't have someone like that representing us." To that I say, "isn't that us?" Isn't that what we pay for in our entertainment?  Isn't that what we see our freinds doing?  Isn't that what we turn a blind eye to in our own homes? Isn't that what we are doing?"

Do we honestly think that because someone is  good at the game of politics that they are somehow, by design, of stronger moral fiber? Or is it that we think that they should deny the urges because they have taken an oath to look out for the best interest of others?

Weiner "cheated" on his wife and that is something they will deal with in private, or not. People keep pretending that politicians are better than the rest of us; that they are somehow immune to life.  The only time I will care what a politician does in his personal life, is if I find myself in a personal relationship with one. (i.e. right about the time pigs start flying.)

Now the Weiner has resigned I guess the Weiner roast is over (I had to do it)....until the next one.

Posted on June 16, 2011 .