Baby "Wilin Out" for God

I recently went to a baby shower and the mom-to-be received a collection of Christian stories and songs for the baby. The person who made the gift seemed a myriad of contradictions herself; on one hand, she was pushing God, on the other hand she talked about “wilin out” at a dance. I can bet this was not a dance for Jesus. This woman was also showing more cleavage than I have breasts.

For the most formative years of this child’s life, he may be learning about God and how the world was created, what God expects of us as humans, what is right and what is wrong, etcetera; all this may be because this disc set was on sale. I guess these lessons may be taught with a good beat that may inspire “wilin out.” At least the gift giver will be pleased.

Just something I thought about as I sat around ignoring enquiring eyes and yelling (internally of course,) "no kids for me, no kids for me!"

Posted on December 10, 2013 .