Coffee Chronicles: Burning with Disgust

Man stands in line behind woman

Woman orders venti insane full fat coffee drink

Man orders tall latte with fat free milk

Woman gets coffee with what looks like chocolate, caramel covered whipped cream oozing out of the top

Woman smiles and slowly licks top of drink before inserting straw

Man gets nonfat tall latte, sipping while staring at the woman and her drink, he burns his lip - he remains composed

Man looks at woman’s ass, stomach, face, then drink

Man crinkles forehead, twitches nose and makes peculiar face

Man may be disgusted or jealous, whatever it is, it is not good

Woman is oblivious to Man’s observation of her and her beverage choice

Woman’s face is relaxed, pleased and smiling

Woman leaves coffee shop content and happily enjoying her selection

Man leaves coffee shop licking his lip where he was burned -- now he only looks at his coffee cup

Posted on September 10, 2013 .