Coffee Chronicles: The Drool

I sat in Starbucks today (only because I like the smell of coffee) and I saw an older gentleman walk in. He bought his snack then took a seat in one of the small upright wooden chairs. He then ate a piece of his pastry, had some juice and promptly fell asleep. All this happened in about five minutes. Then, I saw his head slump forward; I was momentarily alarmed because I thought “OMG, he’s dead!” (Yes, he was that old). I stared at him for about 30 seconds because that’s how long it took me to see his chest move with each breath. How embarrassed would I have been, had I rushed over “sir, are you okay?” only to have him wake up and say “yes, damn it, I was just napping.” I’m glad I didn’t disturb him, he may have been embarrassed if I woke him up in public. So I left him there, as he drooled a red substance unto his shirt. Apparently he didn’t finish swallowing before he fell asleep. To be that tired - I guess it takes 90 years of living. Soon after the drooling started, someone startled him. He woke up with hands flailing, knocking his drink unto the table, floor and his pants. The red stains on his t-shirt now matched those on his pants. He got up from the table, took up his trash and slowly walked away.

Posted on December 10, 2013 .