Did I Leave the Planet?

I firmly believe that if you put bullshit out there and people don't call you out on it, they are basically giving you a stamp of approval. If someone tells me they are inconsiderate, annoying and fake, either by their actions or their words, and I chose to hang out with them anyway, I am saying to them "I accept you as you are." Someone said to me recently "I'm no good at this, so don't expect anything fancy." They went on to say " I am no good at this and I have no intention or interest in learning to be good at this so whatever I do just accept and don't make a big deal about it."  It was at this point I tilted my head to the side "scooby?" Clearly I was in a cartoonish situation where anvil had fallen squarely on my head and I had taken a momentary step out in an alternate universe. I was actually speechless as the following thoughts ran through my head...

  1. If you know something is not "fancy" you clearly have an understanding of what is fancy.  For example, you can't know fat without some knowledge of skinny or normal.
  2. If you know a person loves chocolate and hates apples and your aim is to give them something they love or even like, how stupid, inconsiderate and self serving is it to bring them a bushel of apples and say, "I know you love chocolate but I had no interest in finding out where or how to get you chocolate so I brought you these apples because I had to get you something. I know you hate apples but this is me doing something for you so just go ahead and accept it and don't complain. If you want chocolate you figure out how to get it and go get it yourself. "

Keep your non fancy stinking apples and don't feel like you have shit on my plate and call it cake.

Posted on November 10, 2009 .