Disappearing Act in TXT

You meet him...

and you slowly disappear
More about him...
than you are about you
Your friends have now become sounding boards 
As you bounce sound bites about him once in a while
Hello...are you there?
Where did you go?
Did you even exist before?
Maybe you were merely an empty shell...waiting to be filled with another
Maybe your thoughts no longer matter
Damn...you didn’t have thoughts? 
Your lines were all regurgitation 
It is, but who knows...maybe this is some new psychology
Maybe you are just learning to love yourself more 
by seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes
You are slowly...and noticeable unraveling and reforming
What happens when you’ve smothered him...and he is gone?
Do you look for your next victim...
and not so subtly adopt his persona?
Black widow...
Only you don’t eat your mate 
You morph and shape shift ...
into HIM!
About him, all for him, 
with no views of your own
For him…
being with you is like being with himself
In the end...
He may be able to call Tyrone
Who the hell are you gon’ call?
Your friends?
You said goodbye to them…
when you said hello to him

Posted on December 10, 2013 .