Humanity Above Religion

This morning you got up and you probably went  to church, but are you free of hate? Do you continuously judge and oppress others? Have you formed your own opinions about  religion [and life] or do you simply accept what you are told by those in positions of [perceived]  power; those who may be biased and pushing their own agendas? Do you think you were created in God's image and that those from whom you differ were created outside of God's purview? If you believe in God, you must accept that anything is possible and that no one that walks this earth was created without the expressed consent of an omnipotent and omnipresent God. You must accept that no one can sneak up on God and start a religion that God didn't see coming. Are you someone that likes to express an opnion but will lambaste someone for having an opinion different from yours?  Do you think freedom of speech and expression only applies to you and those who look and sound like you?  You cannot be of God yet continuously and unabashedly disrespect, chastise, abuse and debase those created by God. To do these things is to be against God. I dare say - to hate, is to be an atheist.  To oppress, is to be an atheist.  To judge, is to be an atheist.  You cannot believe in God, be of God and be an atheist. God is love, you are of God, so you are love, too. Simple. Or is it?

Though I write this, I have judged many a men [and women] but I know that  "an individual is seen as sinful inasmuch as she or he perpetuates ills that engender the dehumanization, fragmentation, and demoralization of one’s self and others."  Have you sinned?  Do you continue to sin? I dare you to say "no."  If you woke up this morning there is a 100% chance that you will sin. So, accept, embrace and move on. Is the sin more important than the act of restitution? If sin is inevitable then how we move past these acts and learn from them seems of more importance than the act itself. Sin is an act that God saw coming; so why apologize to God?  If you believe in God then you know it is never too late to confess your sins and be rid of them. But to whom do you confess these sins? I think it is more about confessing sins to those who have been wronged. If God is in each of us  and we are created in God's image then it makes perfect sense that we take steps to right wrongs made against each other,  in front of each other because it is all done in front of God. If there is a God, he resides in each of us, so wrongs against each other, are wrongs against God.

While many people claim to be "God fearing" they put their religion above their humanity.  This is the only explanation for abusing someone because of their views, actions and beliefs. There is one thing that all of us have in common and that is our humanity. Some might argue that God is a figment of one's imagination but so what? While others  argue they have proof of God's existence. The bottom line is that we are all entitled to our beliefs, imaginations and free will. We are all entitled to embrace what makes us comfortable as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of any other human person to do the same. If we value our freedom to be who we are, as we are, how can you oppose someone else's  freedom to do the same?

So it ends as it started with more questions than answer...and an empty glass of milk.


Posted on October 2, 2011 .