Life in Patios

I'm always on Facebook and recently I found some "friends" (or they found me) and we got to chatting using Facebook messenger. These are people I probably could have gone my whole life without seeing or hearing from again but because we knew each other at some point in the past, Facebook beckoned for us to reconnect and so we did. During these chat sessions I realized I was struggling to understand their writing, not because it was written in Patois but because they are struggling to write in English. I have come to expect that certain basic language principles get tossed out the window with any instant chat messenger but it got a bit ridiculous.

I began thinking, maybe it is best they write Patois alone. Patois is broken English, so, in my opinion, there are no official Patois spellings. One can simply write a word the way it sounds to them. I do suspect that same punctuation rules apply. After all, life in Patois is no more of a monotone run-on sentence than life in English.

Posted on December 10, 2013 .