Love: My Definition

Do people truly understand love? I know I'm at a loss. Can love exist on a spectrum? Let's say from one to ten? I say love is one - the beginning. Or infinity - everything.

Is there really a need to have adverbs and adjectives preceding love? Great, true, forever? If it is love, it is great, true and forever. No need to burden love with precursors - either it’s love or it’s not. It is not sometimes love and sometimes hate. Love is not sometimes weak and sometimes strong. Love is steady and unwavering all day, everyday, until death or forever. Love is simple, why complicate it?

Why do people often think love has to be tortured and painful? Wouldn’t that be the same as enduring a beautiful death? Is such a thing even possible? Death is the end. Love is the beginning. You can’t take love with you when you die, neither can it be put on hold. Love is easy, it doesn’t require a time table. You need not keep track of it, there is no need to count.

How did we come to associate love with pain and struggle? How did we come to believe that one must suffer to have love? Was it Jesus? Was it Shakespeare? Is it bedtime and childhood stories that are read the world over? The same stories that promise life changing, uncompromising, unconditional love until the end of time? The same stories with descriptors preceding love? If it is love, it is life changing, uncompromising, unconditional and forever.

Love forgives. When relationships are broken, love remains. Love cannot be destroyed. Love does not require monogamy or reciprocation, egos do. Love has gotten a bad name. We make love appear complicated, rare and virtually unattainable to inflate our value. We complicate love so we appear more complicated still.

Love is grand while allowing us the freedom to be. Love accepts us whole, no alterations required. Love does not require outside confirmation or validation. Sometimes what people call love, is a way to try to control someone else’s actions and emotions. No one can teach someone else how to love, so, no one should be able to dictate who we love and how we love.

Love is simple and simply everything.

Posted on December 10, 2013 .