Point, Hold, Hold, Hold, Click, Hold!

I did my first photo shoot with photographer Tamara Fleming yesterday and I think I made the right decision NOT to pursue modeling. I had tonnes of fun but it was more difficult than I thought it would be. I figured I would simply stand around and smile a bit but that was not the case. There were instances when one butt cheek fell completely asleep after being precariously perched on a wooden stool for over an hour. There was another occasion when I had only about an inch of my butt on a step ladder, my torso turned to the right, my head to the left and my eyes straight ahead (while trying to look natural). A scene from The Exorcist came to mind but I think my pose was a bit more painful. While posing, relaxation did not come easily and all the tension was evident in my shoulders being pulled up to my ears. I don’t think I photograph well and the results of yesterday’s shoot may have proved a self fulfilling prophecy. I’m hoping to get the opportunity to do another shoot, if for no other reason than to be more relaxed in front of the camera. This is yet another thing that I have now convinced myself that I should be able to do well.

The struggle continues...

Posted on December 10, 2013 .