Random - Fruit

It is always interesting to see someone eating an orange while driving. Fries, burgers, apples, even chicken wings are common sightings but oranges are rare. An orange is one of those fruits that one must plan to eat before  leaving the house. You can't simply up and eat an orange while driving, unless you can bite right through the rind and pith to the juicy goodness. One could possibly work the skin off a navel orange while at a stop light or in traffic but that is tatamount to applying mascara while driving. My orange eating sightings are usually of sliced or cored oranges. My thought is usually "well, you took the time to prepare it, why not take five minutes outside the car to eat it?" Today I saw a lady eating an orange slice (or quarter) while at a stop light. She looked blissful until she went in a bit too hard and squirted juice all over her lap. At first, she looked a bit frustrated, even annoyed but then a little smile came over her face, as if to say, "now I remember why I don't eat oranges while driving."

Posted on December 10, 2013 .