She Watched Him


She sat there and watched him do it

He slowly ate his burger and fries as he stood by his car

He sipped his drink, all the while talking on his phone

His hair was long and beautiful, in waves of shiny locks

Wearing a graphic tee and jeans way below his butt

She watched him connect his blue tooth to his ear

Laughing loud obnoxious laughter as he relayed and replayed his last night at the club One fry, two fries, burger and drink, she watched him eat 

He groped himself and talked with his mouth full

She watched him follow some girl’s ass as she crossed the street

She watched him as he put one caller on hold and said, “hey, baby” to another

Only to resume his first call, calling someone’s daughter names, none of them “lady” She watched him as he finished his fries and crushed the wrapper

He then bumped fist with a guy walking by with a baby

She watched him take the last bite of his burger

He slurped loudly on his drink getting every last drop No hesitation, no problem...she watched him leave all his garbage in that very spot

Posted on December 10, 2013 .