The Beauty of You

*This is dedicated to my dearest friend in the world, Nicholette and her baby boy, Joshua. *

Today I cried for You but more so for her

I know the pain now surging through her is infinitely worst than anything I can imagine

If only I could take her pain away

I wish I could go back a few hours

Back to when she was happy, excited and counting down the days

Can we go back to yesterday? The day before the emptiness began

I remember where I was when I got the news of You

My heart smiled with joy and excitement

I remember instantly wanting You to be a girl

Because I knew we would get along famously

Your mommy only wanted a healthy You, a You to love unconditionally

We went through names and their meanings; we never picked the one that said,“You”

We have many pictures of You growing in mommy’s tummy

Daddy, uncle, grandma, grandpa and countless others anxiously awaited your arrival

You had tons of fans who came out and showered you repeatedly

We marveled at your mommy’s glowing beauty, even when she thought she looked otherwise

She loved You and happily welcomed all it would take to get You here

I sit here now remembering when You were a part of her

The most important part of her

The part of her she wanted to nurture and watch grow into an amazing You

To my best friend, You are an angel You had a life and soul You held promise, hope and had so much love

Now, she’ll never really hold You or see Your smiling face

Even though we didn’t get to meet, You are still a part of all of us

Mommy now knows a love she never thought possible and that’s because of You

We won't ask why You left us

We won’t cast any blame

We’ll say good-bye with peace and love

You’re mommy’s forever star

-Always and Forever, CNC

Posted on December 10, 2013 .