The IF between L and E

I am in full hindsight navigation powered by “What If?”

What if I had gone with my first instinct and studied fashion? Would I be mediocre or would I have the promise of a good career? Would I feel more fulfilled? What if I had actually gone through with my computer engineering and networking degree? Would I be that person that everyone thinks has no idea what she’s doing or would I be the “go to” girl? What if I had actually learned French? Would I have made it to France by the time I was 25? What if I had gotten a creative writing degree instead of doing a double business major? Would my love and need for writing have manifested into something useful? What if I was five feet seven inches tall and wore size 9 shoes? Would I blend in more? What if being in love was easier? Would I have found that one person who could love me for all my politically incorrect random utterances and flawed outlook? What if I didn’t always say the wrong thing? Would I be better at socializing? What if I were born first? Would I be the one resenting my father? What if I had gotten a MacBook four years ago, would I have gone through three computers in four years? What if I had said yes to that marriage proposal? Yikes, that one was too much! “What Ifs” are generally pointless but I’m not strong enough or occupied enough to keep them out; I have also managed to convince myself that some good will come of this little trip...

Posted on December 10, 2013 .