The Pepto Velour Suit

I was at the mall today and as I made my way from my favorite store back to my car, in my periphery was a bright pink image. My first thought was that there may have been a Pepto Bismol display close by. Much to my shock and awe, it was a rather large woman in hot pink velour leisure/sweat suit. My emotions were confused, I was happy because it gave me a good laugh but then I was saddened because people are being exploited by so called fashion designers. I’m sure velour has its place, but two yards of hot pink velour hardly has a place on someone’s ass. Such an item should not be made in any size above a double zero, and the quantity should be limited to one. What could have possibly gone through this victim’s mind as she looked at mountains of options and settled on this hot pink number as a must have? As she waddled down the isle I secretly wished for the days when some businesses banned patrons from wearing the original leisure suits in their establishments. I am by no means a fashion maven but I would like to believe that I have some sense of what looks good on me versus what looks like a cure for nausea, heartburn, upset stomach and diarrhea!

Posted on December 10, 2013 .